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  • Pediatric Services
  • - Private Duty Nursing
  • - Skilled Intermittent
  • - Therapy
  • - Physical Therapy
  • - Occupational Therapy
  • - Speech Therapy
  • Pediatric Specialty Services
  • - Pediatric tracheotomy and ventilator care
  • - Pediatric infusion care
  • - Gastrostomy care and enteral feedings
  • - Pediatric Wound Vacs and wound care
  • - Pediatric VitalStim therapy
  • - Pediatric swallowing and feeding therapy
  • - Asthma teaching
  • - Parent teaching
  • Adult/Geriatric Services
  • - Skilled Nursing RHC Adult
  • - Physical Therapy
  • - Occupational Therapy
  • - Speech Therapy
  • - Medical Social Work Services
  • - Home Health Aide
  • - Anodyne Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy
  • - Cardiac Monitoring
  • - Infusion Therapy
  • - INRatio for Portable PT/INR
  • - Pediatric Hourly and Intermittent
  • - Private Duty Services
  • - Parental and Enternal Nutrition
  • - VitalStim for Dysphagia
  • - Coordination of Home Medical Equipment

Disease Management Programs RHC Adult Services: Congestive Pulmonary Disease Home health care is covered benefit provided through public third-party payors such as Medicare and private third-party payors such as health insurance companies and managed care groups. Please contact Restorative Health Care for a list of participating preferred providers. In order for home care to be covered by either a public or private third-party it must be deemed medically necessary. Benefactors may have to meet certain coverage requirements. Private third-party payors have various plans and benefactors may contact their respective agents regarding coverage or Restorative Health Care may assist them.

  • Payors
  • - Aetna
  • - Aetna Medicaid
  • - Amerigroup
  • - BCBSTX
  • - BCBSTX Medicaid
  • - Christus Health Plan
  • - Community First
  • - Driscoll's Children Healthplan
  • - Humana
  • - Medicaid (Traditional & Star Kids)
  • - Medicare
  • - Molina
  • - Sendero
  • - SmartCare Network
  • - Superior Health plan (Star Kids &CHIP)
  • - Tricare
  • - United Healthcare
  • - United Community Plan
  • - Private pay
  • Private Assisted
  • - Comprehensive RN/LVN assessment with a review of body systems
  • - Vital signs, patient monitoring, patient measures
  • - Medication administration (oral, inhaled, topical, subcutaneous, intravenous, per gastrostomy or nasograstric tubes)
  • - Respiratory support (nebulized treatments, metered dose inhalers, ventilator support, Bipaps, CPAP’s, IPV’s, pulmovests, chest percussion, tracheal/oral/pharyngeal suctioning, tracheostomy care)
  • - Intermittent catheterizations, indwelling cathether insertion and care
  • - Enteral feedings, gastrostomy care, nutritional support
  • - Mobility assistance, home exercise programs (active/passive range of motion)
  • - Family caregiver teaching and support

What is Pediatric Private Duty Nursing?

Pediatric Private Duty Nursing

Pediatric private duty nursing (PDN) is skilled nursing care provided to children from 0 - 20 years of age. It‘s for children who need individualized, continuous care, on an hourly basis and who meet predefined criteria for medical necessity. Children who need private duty nursing (PDN) at home may be dependent on a ventilator or have a trach, they may be quadriplegics, they may have brain damage, or they may have been born with a chronic disease like Cerebral Palsy.

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What is Geriatric Home Care?

Geriatric Home Health Services

Simply put, home health care is skilled nursing care or therapy a person receives intermittently in the home for the treatment of an illness or injury. Medicare patients are admitted for a 60 day episode (60 consecutive days of treatment). During that time the home health agency will send nurses and therapists to the patient’s home. The frequency of those visits is determined by the plan of care that is developed by the primary care physician. On average, a patient is seen 17 times during the course of an episode with RHC. Once the 60 day episode is complete the patient is either discharged or is readmitted to a second episode (a recert).

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RHC PAS Program Description

Private Assisted Services

Restorative Health Care’s Personal Assistance Services (PAS) are performed under the Licensed Home Health (LHH) category and although this class of licensure allows for skilled as well as unskilled agency caregivers, RHC only provides skilled caregivers for this program. Skilled caregivers include RN’s and LVN’s who provide physician directed skilled care to clients 21 years of age and older. Skilled care refers to “hands-on” interventions that are only allowed within the scope of practice of a nurse or therapist licensed in the State of Texas.

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